“I’m the founder of a startup (TouchFire.com), and asked JK Films to put together a launch video for our first product. This video would literally make or break our company. I hired Jed because I saw a unique talent in his prior projects. And I’m happy to say that he absolutely exceeded all of my expectations. The video he produced was an extremely effective introduction to our product, but at the same time moving, funny and beautiful. Working with Jed was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. All in all, I couldn’t be happier.”

Hired JK Films in 2011 again in 2013

Steve Isaac, Touchfire

“Jed is a joy to work with. Great communication, high standards, elegant results. It’s rare and exciting to find an artist of this caliber who truly collaborates; his own vision was open to our input at every stage of the process, from scripting to final compression for the web. I won’t be going elsewhere for video.”

Worked with JK Films in 2012 and 2013

Jeff Bellsey, Future Ground

“We are really proud of the Intro video you created for us, and feel it really captures the spirit of Greenpoint; it was spot on and very genuine.”

Worked with JK Films in 2011 / 2012 / 2013

Sloan Benson, Greenpoint Technologies



Testimonials Continue

“Jed had this exceptional knowledge and experience as well as very personable and thoughtful approach to his work, which I found all most invaluable. I highly recommend his work ethic and a pleasure to work with. And most of all his results are impeccable.”

Worked with JK Films in 2012 & 2013

Makiko Ichiura, Clay Artist

“Fantastic, Jed. In a nutshell…I love the new video, thanks again for all of your time, diligence, caring and passion. It definitely shows in this work.”

Hired JK Films in 2012

Steve N, Marketstrike


“I found Jed’s portrait and video work online, I was drawn in. Loved his work, trusted his experience and good taste. 

I  had the privilege of shooting a short film with Jed. Videographer is the other hat he wears quite well! We had fun and the work is inspirational! My collaboration with Jed  was wonderful, and I would give him my highest recommendation.”

Hired JK Films in 2011

Monica Griffin, Professor at Whitman College

“I found Jed Share thru his website- it stood out from the rest, clearly demonstrating his gift for visual information. My experience has been exceptional. Working with his partner Kaoru he captured a training with 26 participants. Many of them commented on their positive, easy presence, people were relaxed in spite of being filmed. I’m excited to complete several projects with JK Films, knowing that I am getting the highest quality video, working with someone who has an eye for detail and beauty and also keeps my priorities at the forefront of the work. I could not make a higher recommendation for Jed and his company, JK Films”

Jennifer White, Owner, Able Opportunities, Inc.

I really enjoyed working with Jed and Kaoru of JK Films on my video project. They were personable and very professional. Jed assisted me in every aspect from design and production to promotion. He tailored his services to meet my special needs and made himself available to guide us through the process. Not only did we create a beautiful video, but the video production was a great learning experience. Now I better understand how the whole process works and will be better prepared from the initial stages to create our next video with him

Stephen Brown, Traditional Japanese Medicine

“I  referred Jed to a small urban planning design firm I was working with. His creative and quirky portraits of the new owners of the firm are classic examples of how much can be said in a single image. The photos refresh the firm’s visual brand with vital and authentic images.”

Barbara Breckenfeld, Blue Horse Marketing

“Jed brings to his work the clear discerning sight, precision in detail, and the heart and soul of a true artist. I have felt so deeply blessed and supported in being able to receive the gifts he has to offer. The beauty he reveals touches the depths of what really matters in life, regardless of the form he shares it in. Anyone seeking photography or videography for personal or business purposes would be truly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Jed.”

Dr. Deb Zucker, Vital Medicine